How to reserve a Savannah Park or Square for your wedding

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Forsyth Park Savannah Wedding

Forsyth Park Wedding in Savannah, Georgia

Beautiful, historic Savannah, Geogia is a wonderful romantic place to get married! The historic District has 22 parks and squares where you can get married. Here's a map of all of them:

Map of savannah historic district parks an dsquares
Savannah wedding in a park or square Whitefield square

Wedding at Historic Whitefield Square Gazebo Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Georgia Forsyth Park Rose Garden wedding

Wedding in The Fragrant Rose Garden in Forsyth Park Savannah, Georgia

To reserve one of Savannah's historic parks or squares for your wedding you must contact the Savannah Parks Department
fill out an application and pay a fee.

Here is the current information (as of 4.1.17) please call to reserve a park or square for your wedding (912) 351-3837

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