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Our favorite roses for weddings (Part 1)

Need help choosing the perfect rose for your wedding?

This a list of standard or tea roses that we absolutely love for weddings!



Polar Star Rose

White / Off White Polar Star is a great choice for you white or mix color bouquet! These medium to large blooms have a long vase life. Available year-round.



Carpe Diem Rose

Carpe Diem rose is a bi-color roses with beautiful peach and pink tones. This hardy long lasting ruffled style rose is a winner. Carpe Diem has large sized blooms that have a garden style, ruffled edge rose look to them.



Black Magic Rose

The deepest red color of all red roses is the Black Magic Rose. The Black Magic Rose has a distinct velvety look.  Black Magic Roses look amazing on their own or in a fall-colored bride’s bouquet. A great choice when your colors are burgundy. These medium sized blooms are sometime hard to find.




The Amsterdam Rose is a coral-colored ruffled edge rose. These amazing blooms grow large and round. Amsterdam are a perfect choice on their own or in a mixed color bouquet. Amsterdam Rose’s large coral blooms are available year-round and have an average vase life.



Tips for making your brides bouquet’s flowers last longer

1.     Fresh cut the bottom of your stems daily.

2.     Keep your bouquet out of the sun and off windowsills

3.     Keep your bouquet in a vase with fresh water

4.     Make sure your bouquet is kept in a air conditioned room or cooler

5.     Transport to and from your wedding in a cooler

6.     Have a vase with water ready at your reception site to rehydrate your bouquet!

7.     Place on your reception table and enjoy!