Vendor help - Setting up your shop and listings

Welcome Wedding Pros! This page is to help you set up your shop and lisitngs.

Sign up for a shop here

Once approved we send you a welcome email and you are ready to set up your business on Yes Love!

Sign In. You will be on your dashboard

Fill out your Business profile.

Fill out all your business information, location, bio.

Pick you location on the map.

Select a user name. This user name will be your address on Yes Love.

you can put this url on your business card or link on your website for instant bookings.


You will need an avatar you can use your logo or a photo of yourself here.

You will need a long banner photo for the top of your shop and photos for your gallery.

Once completed this is how your shop will look

Add your listings!

on your dashboard choose manage wedding product / service and fill in the details of your first listing and add photos. You have a featured image and gallery photos.

Then choose the Pricing tab

here you put the "from" $______. so enter you lowest price here.

Then choose Locations tab

Choose your location or the location you deliver to.

Next choose Manage Services (upper right of your screen)

Add your first listing here

Name your listing

Add featured image, add gallery images

Add price

Select location

Select Publish (select draft if you don't want the listing live yet)

Add Service

Go to Service Availiblity to set your Calendar

Set your Avaiblity and pricing

Click on dates to change pricing or block the date.

Choose how many of these items are available for that date.

Make sure you block off dates that you arenot available.

Note: You can charge more busy times like more for weeekends, less for weekdays, more for June and Sept and less in January. You can set your pricing as you like!

Set pricing for each of your listings.

All your products / services are found on your dashboard here:

Each of your listings will look like this:

Now your listing is live and couples can direct book your product, service, or venue!


We're happy to help you set up your shop

Schedule an appointment witho one of our Yes Love team here


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