Advice, inspiration, & ideas on how to choose the best wedding colors for your special day!

Use our wedding color picker in our Wedding Designer app to help you select your wedding color palette and design your wedding.

Here are our favorite wedding color ideas for 2021 & 2022:

Engaged couples should pick two colors that complement each other and will look perfect together at your ceremony and wedding reception. Consider what your venue looks like; is it urban chic, a barn, a beach, a posh hotel, a wildflower garden, a rooftop, a yacht, a modern museum, a wooded wonderland, a castle, or your favorite restaurant? Think about the time of year when you will be getting married.

When should you choose your wedding colors? Choosing your wedding colors should be one of the first items to check off you wedding planning checklist! Your wedding colors will inspire the look for the rest of your wedding selections. All of your bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and décor selections should be made after choosing your wedding colors. Remember wedding gowns also come in colors! And don’t forget to give the groom and groomsmen a pop of color with a tie, suit lining, pocket square, or even socks.

You will want to consider the season when choosing your wedding colors. There are no set rules but we love earthy colors for fall, pastels for spring, Jewel tones for summer, and Black Tie for a winter wedding. It’s fun to mix in some wedding sparkle using metallic colors like gold, silver, copper, or rose gold.

Try our Wedding Designer App to help with your wedding planning. Select your colors and make a design board so you can see how to put together your own unique wedding style!

Here is some wedding color inspiration to help you get started choosing your wedding colors.

Jewel Tones

Classic Blue, Sangria, Violet

wedding color Classic blue, navy, jewel tone colors for weddingswedding color Sangria, Jewel tone wedding colors


Mint, Butter Yellow, Blush Pink

Wedding color Mint, pastel wedding colors, Mint wedding colorwedding color yellow, butter pastel wedding colorsBlush wedding color, pastel colors for weddings, how to pick wedding colors


Champagne, Taupe, Rose Gold

Champagne wedding color Neutral wedding colors, best wedding colors, 2021 2022 wedding colorsTaupe wedding color neutral wedding colorsRose gold metalic wedding colors Copper

 Black Tie

Black, Grey, Silver

Wedding color black, black tie, black tie event colors, tux, wedding colorsGrey wedding color, favorite wedding colors, chic wedding colors, Black tie wedding colors, 2021 2022 wedding colorsbest wedding colors silver, metalic wedding colors, black tie wedding colors


Cinnamon, Forrest, Gold

How to pick wedding colors, Cinnamon, 2021 2022 wedding colorschoosing Wedding colors, forrest green, 2021 2022 wedding colorsHow to choose your wedding colors, metailic wedding colors, gold


Need more wedding color inspiration? Use nature to inspire you. See how nature mixes colors:

    choosing wedding colors Barn wedding Neutral wedding colors wedding colors for a beach wedding blue green turquoise    Picking wedding colors, garden wedding, orange, purple  how to choose wedding colors

Choosing wedding colors, river wedding, blues, 2021 2022    Choosing your wedding colors, Spring Wedding, pink, cherry    Choosing wedding colors, forrest, woods wedding, green, sage  Autumn wedding colors Fall wedding colors Sunset wedding colors

The Perfect wedding color combos for: Barn, Beach, Garden, Black Tie, River, Spring, Forrest, Autumn.

The most important advice about choosing your wedding colors is: BE YOU! You are unique and everything about your wedding should be too. Choosing your wedding colors should be fun. Once you’ve chosen your wedding colors you are off to a great start with your wedding planning.

 Some of our favorite wedding colors for 2021 & 2022

Champagne, Passion Red, Classic Blue, Blush, Mango, Sangria, Turquoise, Butter, Robin’s Egg Blue, Cinnamon, Gold, Dusty Rose, Emerald, Purple, Forrest, Peach, Violet, Silver, Sage, Lilac, Copper, Taupe, Black, Grey, Cherry, Coral, Wine.

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