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How does it work?


  How do I sell my products or services on Yes Love?

On Yes Love Marketplace you can set up your business profile / Shop. Then list the products or services that you want to sell. upload photos, set prices, and choose your availablity on your custom calendar.

  Can I get help setting up my business on Yes Love?

Yes! A tutorial can be found here:

Or you can make an appointment here with one of our team members: We can walk you through your set up over Zoom.

  How can I get my business featured on Yes Love?

Introduce your favorite wedding pros and venues to us. If three referrals set up a profile to sell on Yes Love we will reward you with a featured business profile. Here's our referral form:

  What does Yes love charge?

It's free to set up your business profile and list you products, services or venues. Yes love charges a 12% fee plus 3.5% credit card or Affirm processing fee on all transactions.

  How do couples pay on Yes Love?

Couples have the option of paying with a major credit card or financing their purchase with Affirm. Affirm will finace their purchase. No more billing headaches!

  How can I get a Browse Locations page for my city?

  1. Sign up!
  2. Use our referral form to tell us about the pros and venues you love in your city find our referral form here
  3. We will send them an invitation.
  4. Once we have enough pros / venues we will build your city page
  5. If you dont have a city page yet - couples can still find you by using search! 

  How can I get my photos featured on the locations pages?

Get your photos featured on our locations pages by adding a location tag to your gallery photos. This helps our couples find your shop and listings.

  Can I get a badge for my website?

Yes! Let you clients book you 24/7 Right click copy and paste it into your site. Link it directly to your shop by using


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